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iZepto makes time entry simple, intuitive and fast. Here's how:

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iZepto's Dashboard gives you an instant view of what's going on:

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iZepto is built from the ground-up with the user experience in mind.

  • Project Sharing: Give access to clients to a project and they can run their own reporting on all time for that project. They can set up saved reports that include both your project and their own projects if they use iZepto as well. A great way to let clients monitor budgets themselves!
  • Task Search: Don't use those clunky lists to find what task, just type a few letters and let us suggest tasks you might be interested in.
  • Favourites: Even faster than searching for tasks, just select a favourite task from your list. You can even hit a key combination to use it without touching the mouse. Favourites can include defaults for time and notes as well. Always entering time for a one hour meeting? One click or key and you are done!
  • Smart Dates: Don't pick the date from a calendar, just type 'today' or 'wed' and we tell you when we think that is. Shortcuts for dates like '12' which means the 12th of the month make it even faster (and if it is the 3rd it will even assumed the 12th is last month!)
  • Month at a Glance: Our convenient calendar highlighting lets you see time for the month and highlights when you have entered in time for the day.
  • iPhone Application: Easily enter time entries on the go via our native iPhone application. Easily pick a favourite task or search for any task. Great for when you forgot to do your time entry for the day and you are on the way home!
  • Jira and Basecamp Integration: Configure any of your projects to synchronise with a Jira or Basecamp project and get all issues or todo items in Jira or Basecamp created as a task in iZepto automatically. The sync even updates the task name if the issue/todo item name changes. iZepto gives you the power of low-level time tracking without the hassle of having to create all those timecodes!
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Look for the letter underlines like in a normal application and Control + that letter takes you there. We are aiming for a mouse-free experience for all those keyboard monkeys that hate using the mouse.
  • RSS Feeds: You can get an RSS feed of all time entries into your favourite news reader. Great for keeping an eye on what is going on! (Warning: Please resist the urge to begin a nation-wide wiretap program after use of this feature)
  • Saved Reports: Define the information you are interested in once, then easily re-run that report again and again. Let's face it, if you need to do reports for invoicing the report is always the same but for a different time period. We even default the time period to whatever you want! Current week, last month, all time - how easy is that!

We have lots of ideas for future functionality (create a task on the fly, automatic task creation from bug tracking systems, email alerts, etc.) but if there is something specific you want then just ask! We are putting out releases of new functionality every week so just fill in some feedback and give us a couple of weeks and you will probably have it.

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